00:00:12 – Meltdown, Reactor Room (Senior Project)

I was the lead compositor on this project (as well as several other roles), and I designed and implemented the workflow.  VRay’s excellent multi-pass system was taken full advantage of, with many elements being added in comp.  The screen was designed by another group member, and added on in Nuke using an stmap.  As there were several shots with moving cameras, most of the effects were designed to work seamlessly with moving cameras, with adjustments being made per shot.  The smoke and sparks were Nuke particles.  The comp for this shot was also later adapted to a spherical, stereo panorama, which you can watch here:

00:00:34 – The Face, Advanced Animation Final (Drexel University Course)

This shot was a combination of several rendered elements and effects.

00:00:44 – Meltdown, Freeze Ray (Senior Project)

This was a one off shot at the end of the short film, that required a lot of development on it’s own.

00:01:08 – Checkmate, Visual Effects Final (Drexel University Course)

This project required the integration of CG elements onto live action footage.

00:01:15- The Cave, Digital Compositing Final (Drexel University Course)

This project was the opposite, replacing a real environment with a CG one.


Eternity (Reprise)” by Stellardrone is licensed under CC BY 3.0

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